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Q.     Does my homeowner insurance cover my motorized vehicle while it is stored in my garage?

A.     No. Motorized vehicles (cars, motorcycles) are specifically excluded under the homeowner policy. You must maintain comprehensive coverage on an auto / cycle policy to protect the vehicle while it is being stored.

Q.     Why does my homeowners policy have a higher value than what my home is worth if I were to sell it?

A.     This is the REPLACEMENT COST in the event of a catastrophic loss and your home had to be rebuilt.

Q.     Why does my credit score affect my insurance rates?

A.     One method for establishing insurance scores (which premium rates are based on) is to analyze data from people we have insured. Some of the data used is ACCIDENT AND INSURANCE CLAIM HISTORY and CREDIT SCORE REPORTS. The result of this analysis helps to predict how likely you are to have a future accident or insurance claim and thus determines your insurance score. The lower your insurance score the better your rates will be.

Q.     Who handles my account at the Waterford Insurance Agency office?

    Generally speaking, we divide the alphabet between our Customer Service Agents. If your last name begins with A - L you need to talk to Vicki Rautio (ext. 212). If your last name begins with M - Z you need to talk to Tammy Powers (ext. 214).

Sue Newill (ext. 201) or Amina Jenkins (ext. 200) will be happy to help you with: Mortgagee changes, Certificates of Insurance, Billing, Accounting, or Office Administration.

Q.     Did my insurance company receive my payment?

A.     If you have sent a payment and want to be sure it was received just call the 800# on your bill. They can verify receipt, assist you if they have not received the payment, or set you up for EFT payments.

Q.     What information do you need from me to provide a quote?

A.     We need our standard information forms filled out, as well as copies of the Declaration Pages from your current policies.

Q.     Why do you need the Declaration Pages from my current policies?

A.     When we are entering information for you quote, we want to provide the same or comparable coverage. Because everyone does things a bit differently, having Declaration Pages assures that we don't miss any coverage that you currently carry. We don't want you to be over insured, but we certainly don't want you to be under insured.

Q.     Why should I do business with an independent agent?

A.     As independent agents, we have more options when pricing insurance policies for you. We are not married to just one insurance carrier. Because we do business with several reputable insurance carriers, we will do the "shopping" for you.          

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